Love education, lishui Industrial Park enterprise donation school


On October 26, 2020, leaders of lishui Industrial Park management Committee and members of Lishui Industrial Park Enterprise Association joined hands in Bihu No. 2 Primary School to carry out charity education activities.

For the improvement of Bihu Second Primary school

Office conditions for teachers

Improve teachers' happiness index

Ten caring enterprises in Lishui Industrial Park donated 85 sets of teacher's work clothes, worth 50,000 yuan, to Bihu No.2 Primary School. The charitable deeds of the entrepreneurs were fully recognized by the Education Bureau of Liandu District and warmly welcomed and highly praised by all the staff of Bihu No.2 Primary School.

The leaders attending the donation ceremony were tang Weibo, deputy director of lishui Industrial Park Management Committee, Wang Liuyi, deputy director of Liandu District Education Bureau, and Xu Yinan, principal of Bihu Second Primary School.

Representatives of caring enterprises attending the donation ceremony were: Evergrande electric co., LTD., lishui control technology co., LTD., lishui valve co., LTD., zhejiang trey lung precision machinery co., LTD., lishui xin RongFa stainless steel products co., LTD., zhejiang electric co., LTD., zhejiang Conrad tianrun valve co., LTD., zhejiang work valve co., LTD., lishui bindi industrial co., LTD., zhejiang heng valve manufacturing co., LTD.

Education is the most fundamental cause of a nation, and supporting education is the best way to alleviate poverty. Today, the outstanding entrepreneurs of Lishui Industrial Park care for and support education with practical actions, which reflects their noble moral sentiments of staying true to their original aspiration and keeping their mission firmly in mind. The donation activity has advocated the new social trend of giving to others and being happy to help others, which will surely bring far-reaching influence to the development of education in Liandu District.

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