Liandu District to deepen school-enterprise cooperation to further strengthen science and technology


In order to better serve enterprises in Liandu district and deepen cooperation between schools and enterprises, on November 24, 2020, Liandu District Science and Technology Bureau organized the 2020 Industrial Science and Technology Commissioner meeting. Entrepreneurs in Liandu District and relevant experts of Lishui University attended the meeting and cooperated more closely with each other.

In the meeting, experts and zhejiang lishui college work valve co., LTD., zhejiang seven companies such as dry our sewing equipment co., LTD. Signed a cooperation agreement, industrial science and technology correspondent activities, for the enterprise to solve technical problems, provide technical training, guide enterprises to apply for patents, science and technology projects, carry out work, such as national high and new technology enterprise, For liandu district enterprises to flourish to provide a strong scientific and technological support.

In accordance with the "Liandu District industrial science and technology Commissioner pilot implementation plan" (Lianke [2018]26) document spirit, Liandu district in November 2018 sent the first batch of industrial commissioner, up to now, has sent 14 industrial commissioner, respectively from Lishui College, Lishui vocational and technical college. 14 commissioners in their professional fields customized for enterprises, put forward 15 construction industry improvement reports, solved 39 technical problems, provided 32 technical training, applied for 50 patents, 15 science and technology projects, 1 municipal enterprise technology center and 2 national high-tech enterprises.

Holds on "as enterprise, just as an old eyes treating entrepreneurs like treat relatives" concept, industrial science and technology correspondent team growing, for lotus area enterprise innovation and development has injected a shot in the arm, such as the 2019 dispatching enterprise of science and technology correspondent Jiang Jie in lishui city China automation co., LTD., to help enterprises to declare 4 utility model patents, With their own professional knowledge, to solve the new purchased equipment program editing and other problems; No, I need something to help the enterprise establish a postdoctoral workstation at Zhejiang Ganlin Sewing Equipment Co., LTD., and arrange the technical backbone of the enterprise to study the course about "Electric Power Dragging Automatic Control System" in Lishui University, so as to increase his knowledge reserve and improve his professional ability. In recent years, 4 science and technology commissioners in Liandu district have been commended by the provincial government and the provincial science and technology Department.