Zhejiang Liangyi Valve Co.,ltd : More than 60 people how to create 60 million output value?


A "small factory" of more than 60 people

Create annual output value of 60 million

Do you believe?

Today xiaobian will take you into this "small factory"

Zhejiang Liangyi Valve Co.,ltd  

Zhejiang Liangyi Valve Co.,ltd  is a professional development, design, manufacture, sales of all kinds of ball valves as one of the comprehensive enterprises, is also a national high-tech enterprises.   The main products are fixed ball valve series, forged steel ball valve series, thermal insulation ball valve series and other industrial pipeline valves, widely used in petroleum, chemical, petrochemical, papermaking, mining, metallurgy, electric power, food pharmaceutical liquefied gas, water supply and drainage, mechanical equipment, fire, urban construction and other fields.

Machine replacement improves productivity

How did they manage to make $60 million last year with only 60 employees? There is no doubt that improving production efficiency is an indispensable condition. At present, the manufacturing industry is facing many challenges, such as rising costs, market competition and environmental protection. It has become a trend to transform and upgrade to intelligent manufacturing. LYV® followed the trend and actively responded to promote transformation and upgrading. There is a slow shift towards intelligence in devices.

LYV® upgrades its equipment almost every year, spending millions every year, nearly $4 million last year. Every year, companies retire old equipment that is technologically backward, or is wearing out or becoming less efficient, and replace it with new equipment. And the use of new equipment, so that the degree of automation is greatly improved, each equipment only need to be responsible for a few people, which correspondingly reduce the input of labor, cost saving, greatly improve productivity. This year, two more devices are expected to be in place next month.

In the process of upgrading equipment to improve production efficiency, the government also gave a lot of support. That is, every time the purchase of new equipment reaches one million yuan, LYV® can apply for a certain subsidy from the government, which greatly reduces the investment pressure of LYV® and helps LYV® to produce better and faster.

Laying a solid foundation for new and high technology

Amazing output value "creativity", not without technology. Work valve drive enterprise development by science and technology innovation, the company set up a technology research center, has a seven or eight people team of technical personnel, mainly engaged in valve technology research and development, including basic design, technical improvement, each link of the work team takes effort to do further research and development. In addition, as early as a few years ago, under the docking and cooperation between Lishui Industrial Park and science and Technology Bureau, colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, etc., LYV® hired a number of well-known experts to guide the research and development work, to further improve the research and development technology and innovate products.

Since 2013, LYV® has obtained more than 20 national patents in the field of valves by virtue of various independently developed valve technologies. In 2015, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology publicity to identify the national high-tech enterprises list, Zhejiang Liangyi Valve Co.,ltd. It can be said that high and new technology is the "secret" of more than 60 people to create 60 million output value.

Ensure quality and seek long-term development

However, if the product lacks quality assurance, no matter how high efficiency or excellent technology, its value cannot be guaranteed. Quality is the fundamental of the long-term development of enterprises. LYV® never slackens its adherence to product quality, and every stage goes steadily and powerfully. All products are in accordance with international standards. In 2012 through the ISO 9001 quality management system certification, ISO 9001 quality assurance system is the root of enterprise development and growth, shows that LYV® is a company committed to achieve high standards and continuous improvement of technology. API 6D certification was passed in 2014, and equipment with the API mark is generally considered to be of reliable quality and advanced level. TS certification in the same year means that LYV® can carry out production and operation activities in the field of special equipment. All products of LYV® are in line with the steel ball valve standards of China GB, Germany DIN and other countries.

LYV® has been quality and reliability as a production principle of business philosophy, won the trust and praise of the majority of users. Nine years after entering Lishui Industrial Park, driven by quality first, more than 60 people have achieved great strides in the development of 60 million output value. Even though the pace of production slowed down due to the epidemic at the beginning of this year, with the help of the government, LYV® is now back to full swing production.

Everything has a brewing process

It wasn't built overnight

He that is prudent goes far

Believe that the work

There will be better results in the future