Full Bore Floating Ball Valve
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Full Bore Floating Ball Valve

The full bore floating ball valves are widely used in the Oil and Natural Gas industrial, and we specialize in production the different reduce size valve; if you are interested, welcome to contact with LYV®.

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Product Description

LYV® the full bore floating ball valve is used to cut off or connect the medium in the pipeline, which have the feature like: ensure the valve seal, low friction coefficient, small operating torque, a variety of seat materials, widely range of adaptability, open/close with correct switch. At the same time, the floating ball valve can form metal contact with the valve body after fire to ensure the stem seal.

Design & Testing International Standard :

Design Standard : BS EN ISO 17292 (BS 5351) / ASME B 16.34 /API 6D

Inspection & Testing Standard : API 598/ API 6D

Fire Safe Testing Standard : API 607/API 6FA

Flange To Flange Length : ANSI B 16.10 -Short pattern/ Long pattern

End Connection : Flanged End to ANSI B 16.5, Butt Weld ends, Stock Weld ends.

Manufacturer Size and Pressure Range:

NPS 1/2” to 10” (for ANSI Class 150LB)

NPS 1/2” to 8*(for ANSI Class 300LB)

NPS 1/2” to 4” (for ANSI Class 600LB)


DN15 to DN250 (for PN0.6Mpa, 1.6Mpa, PN2.0Mpa, PN2.5Mpa)

DN15 to DN200 (for PN4.0Mpa, PN5.0Mpa)

DN15 to DN100 (for PN6.3Mpa, PN10.0Mpa)

Pipe Bore: Full Bore(FB)

Construction Body: End Entry, 2 piece/3 piece

Bonnet/Cover type: Bolted Bonnet/Extended Bonnet

Seat Type: Soft type/ Hardseal Metal Type

Flow Directional: Uni-Directional/Bi-Directional

Service Medium: Natural Gas, Oil, Water, Oxygon gas, etc

Service: SOUR, ISO 15156/ NACE MR0175

Feature: Fire Safety design

Anti-Static Design

Blow-out Proof Stem

ISO 5211 Mounted IPAD

Valve Operation: Manual Lever / Worm-Gear /Actuator Operated/ Pneumatic Actuator / Electrical Actuator

MOC (Bill of Material – BOM) :

Body &Bonnet: ASTM A 216 GR. WCB /ASTM A105N (Carbon steel)

: ASTM A352 LCB / LCC /ASTM A350 LF2 (Low temp. carbon steel)

: ASTM A 351 GR. CF 8 / CF 8M (SS 304 / SS 316) (Stainless Steel)

:ASTM A 351 GR. CF 3 / CF 3M (SS 304L / SS 316L) (Stainless Steel)

: ASTM A351 Gr. CF8C

: ASTM A890 4A / 5A/ 6A (Duplex Stainless Steel)

Solid Ball : ASTM A105N+ENP/ A105N+TCC

: ASTM A 182 F304 / F316 (SS 304 / SS 316)

: ASTM A 182 F304L / F316L (SS 304L / SS 316L)

: ASTM A 182 F347

: ASTM A182 F51/ F53 /F55

Note: Harseal Metal Seat type Ball surface treatment: ENP, HCR, WC, welding Ni60/ Ni55

Stem : ASTM A182 F6a

:ASTM A182 F304 / F316 / F304L / F316L

:17/4 PH

: ASTM A182 F51/ F53/ F55

Ball Seat & Body Seal : PTFE Virgin / 25% Glass Fillted PTFE – GFT / Carbon Filled PTFE – CFT

: PEEK / Delrin / Grafoil – Graphite Ring

Gland Packing : PTFE Virgin / 25% Glass Filled PTFE – GFT / Carbon Filled PTFE – CFT

: Grafoil – Graphite Ring

What is a floating type ball valve?

The floating ball valve is a kind of valve that its ball floating inside the valve body; it drifts to the downstream side and would be tightly pushed against the seat by the medium pressure, to ensure a reliable seal. It is a quite simple design with a good sealing performance and relying on the seat material to bear the workload since the sealing stress is mainly imposed on the seat rings. Usually the floating ball valves are working in the pipeline system with a low and medium pressure rating.

What is a full bore ball valve?

The full bore ball valve is mainly used for on-off conditions. In the process pipeline system, most valves are designed to limit the flow to a certain range by making the flow passage or area of the closure member smaller than the inner diameter of the pipe. Some kinds of ball valves have an over-sized ball to make sure that the internal flow passages can have enough space to allow the fluid to pass without any obvious restrictions, which is named full bore ball vales, as the hole on the ball is the same size to match with the pipeline diameter.

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