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Sleeved Plug Valve

LYV® is a professional leader China Sleeved Plug Valve manufacturer with high quality and reasonable price. Welcome to contact us.

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Product Description

Sleeved Plug Valve valveIntroduction

High quality Sleeved Plug Valve offered by China manufacturer LYV®. Buy sleeve plug valve which is of high quality directly with low price. LYV sleeve type plug valve is composed of Sleeved Plug Valve, valve cover, sleeve, plug, and other parts, through the rotation of the hole plug, the plug hole and the valve body hole alignment or staggered, suitable for nominal pressure class150lb-900lb, working temperature -29-180℃ food, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, chemical fertilizer, power, precious metals and other pipelines

Sleeved Plug Valve Parameter (Specification)

Design standards are in accordance with API599 and API6D

The structural length is ANSI B16.10

Flange connection in accordance with ANSI B16.5

Inspection tests were conducted in accordance with API598 and API6D

LYV sleeve plug valveFeature And Application

1, the product structure is exquisite, reliable sealing, long sealing life, superior performance, modeling in line with the process aesthetics.

2, through the soft sleeve and metal plug interference fit to ensure sealing, strong adjustability.

3, the valve can be installed in all directions, not controlled by the installation direction; Valve size is small, no special requirements for installation space.

4, the valve can be used for two-way flow, easy to manufacture into a multi-pass form, easy to control the flow of pipeline medium.

5, there is a unique 360° metal lip between the sleeve and the valve body, which can effectively protect and fix the sleeve, so that it will not rotate with the plug, and can be more reliable and stable sealing between the sleeve and the valve body contact surface.

6. When the plug rotates, it will scrape the sealing surface and provide self-cleaning function. It is suitable for thick and easy scaling media.

7. The valve has no internal cavity to accumulate the medium.

8, the valve is easy to manufacture into fireproof anti-static structure

Sleeved Plug Valve Details

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