Forged Steel Check Valve
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Forged Steel Check Valve

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Product Description

LYV® is a professional China Forged Steel Check Valve manufacturer and supplier, if you are looking for the best forging check valve with low price, consult us now!

LYV® Forged Steel Check Valve Introduction

LYV® forging check valve design and manufacturing standard: API602; Test and inspection standard: API 598; Socket size: ASME B16.11

Design structure and characteristics of Forged Steel Check Valve

Forged steel check valves comply with API 602, SSS-SP-118 (standard available) and ANSI B16.34, B35352. Inspection and testing according to API598, marking according to MSS-Sp-25.

Adopt the following structure

Full or reduced diameter

The structural length is ANSI B16.10

Flange size according to ANSI B16.5

Pressure self - tightening bonnet

Pole support type (OS&Y)

Self-centering platen type

Seal the seat as a whole

Integral valve body flange

Welding ends are in accordance with ASME B16.25

RTJ Body cap connection form

Bolted, wound gasket sealed valve covers, threaded, fully soldered valve covers and threaded internal pressure self-sealing valve covers

LYV forging check valve refers to rely on the medium itself flow and automatically open and close valve disc, used to prevent media backflow valve, also known as check valve, check valve, counterflow valve, and back pressure valve. Check valve belongs to an automatic valve, its main function is to prevent the backflow of the medium, prevent the pump and the drive motor from reversing, as well as the discharge of the container medium. Check valves can also be used to feed pipes where the pressure may rise to exceed the system pressure. Check valves can be mainly divided into swing check valves (rotating according to the center of gravity) and lifting check valves (moving along the axis)

LYV® Forged Steel Check Valve of application

Urban construction, chemical industry, metallurgy, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, environmental protection and other fields

LYV forging check valve Feature And Application

The purpose of this type of valve is to allow the medium to flow in only one direction, and to prevent the direction of flow. Usually the valve works automatically. The disc opens under the action of fluid pressure flowing in one direction; When the fluid flows in the opposite direction, the fluid pressure and the self-recentdisc of the disc act on the seat to cut off the flow.

The internal thread check valve and butterfly check valve belong to this type of valve, which includes swing check valve and lift check valve. Swing check valves have a hinged mechanism and a door-like disc that rests freely against the tilted seat surface. To ensure that the disc reaches the seat surface each time, the disc is hinged so that the disc has enough room to swing and allow true, full disc contact with the seat. The disc can be made entirely of metal, or can be inlaid with leather, rubber, or a synthetic cover, depending on performance requirements.

With swing check valves fully open, fluid pressure is virtually unimpeded, resulting in a relatively small pressure drop through the valve. Lift check valve disc is located on the valve body seat sealing surface. This valve is like a globe valve, except that the disc can be lifted freely. Fluid pressure lifts the disc from the seat sealing surface, and media backflow causes the disc to fall back onto the seat and cut off the flow.

Depending on service conditions, the disc may be of all-metal construction or in the form of a rubber pad or rubber ring mounted on the disc holder. Like the globe valve, the flow path through the lift check valve is narrow, so the pressure drop through the lift check valve is greater than that of swing check valves, and swing check valve flow is less restricted

This valve is used for preventing medium countercurrent device on industrial pipeline

LYV® Forged Steel Check Valve Details

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