Bellow Seal Globe Valve

Bellow Seal Globe Valve

China Bellow Seal Globe Valve Factory Directly Supply.LYV® is a large-scale Bellows stop valve manufacturer and supplier in China. LYV® as the professional Bellow Seal Globe Valve manufacturer, we would like to provide you high quality Bellow Seal Globe Valve. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

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LYV® Bellows stop valve Introduction

High quality Bellow Seal Globe Valve is offered by China manufacturer LYV®. Buy Bellows stop valve which is of high quality Bellow Seal Globe Valve directly with low price. Bellows globe valve is suitable for nominal pressure PN1.6 ~ 6.4MPa, working temperature -29 ~ 350℃ is widely used in fluid, high temperature heat conduction oil, liquid ammonia and other media. The key component of German standard bellows globe valve is metal bellows, the lower end and valve stem assembly adopt automatic roll welding, the upper end and the connecting plate automatic roll welding, forming a metal barrier between the fluid medium and the atmosphere, to ensure zero leakage of the valve stem; The switch has no friction, the seal is not easy to wear, and the opening and closing torque is small. The globe valve uses a bellows seal design that completely eliminates stem packing seal leakage and meets the most stringent leakage requirements. The zero leakage characteristics of bellows globe valves improve the safety of equipment, save a lot of energy, reduce maintenance costs, and provide a clean and safe working environment for industrial applications

LYV® Bellows stop valve Implementation standards:

Design standard DIN3356

Structure length DIN3202

Connecting flange DIN2543-2545

Test and verify DIN3230

Manufacturing standard: DIN3356 Structure length: DIN3202

Flange standard: DIN2543-2545 Butt welding standard: DIN3239

Test standard: DIN3230

LYV® Bellow Seal Globe Valve Feature And Application

1, the product structure is reasonable, reliable sealing, dual durable bellows seal design (bellows + packing), zero leakage valve stem. No fluid loss reduces energy loss and improves plant safety. And meet the sealing standard.

2, sealing surface surfacing Co based hard alloy, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good anti-friction performance, long service life

3, valve stem conditioning and surface nitriding treatment, has good anti-corrosion and anti-friction performance; Stem lifting position indication, more intuitive

4, double layer bellows, easy maintenance bellows seal stem, double sealing position indication, no lifting hand wheel


Industrial power station

Exhaust gas purification plant natural gas

Vacuum ammonia

Hot water freezing system

Heating equipment steam system

LYV® Bellows stop valve Details

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