Zhejiang Shanggong Valve Co., LTD. : More than 60 people how to create 60 million output value?

At the beginning of 2020, a sudden global epidemic storm affects the nerves of everyone, every enterprise and even every country. This is a war without smoke for all mankind. In this war, the enterpri

Love education, lishui Industrial Park enterprise donation school

On October 26, 2020, leaders of lishui Industrial Park management Committee and members of Lishui Industrial Park Enterprise Association joined hands in Bihu No. 2 Primary School to carry out charity

Liandu District to deepen school-enterprise cooperation to further strengthen science and technology

In order to better serve enterprises in Liandu district and deepen cooperation between schools and enterprises, on November 24, 2020, Liandu District Science and Technology Bureau organized the 2020 I

Selection of flat gate valve in different applications

Flat gate valves are mainly used in oil, refined oil conveying pipe, gas conveying pipe and tap water engineering. Different types and categories of flat gate valves are selected for different appl...

Warmly celebrate zhejiang Shanggong Valve Co., LTD. Official website revision online!

Warmly celebrate Zhejiang Shanggong Valve Co., LTD. Website revision online!After friendly negotiation, Zhejiang Shanggong Valve Co., Ltd. and JCSW reached cooperation!New version: www.cnlyv.comEnt...

Classification and characteristics of ball valves

Functional classification1. Bypass valve: ball valve is generally opened with still water, so the bypass valve is first pressed flat, that is, both sides are filled with water;2. Air valve: when fi...